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Coming Soon!!!!!

It's a new year, yes I am aware it is April......#addisagift.

I am working on a few different things such as YouTube channel and I am on TIKTOK, same address:


Working on a series on the Amittyville Horror:

  1. The Crime

  2. The Investigation

  3. The Lutzes

  4. The Stories

  5. And what the heck was the truth. I have my to hear yours.


Chronic Pain and AHDD; Is there a Connection

Trauma and Horror

True Crime

Women and Horror

The Psychology of Horror Healing Trauma

Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo

Rose and Fred WestThe Best in Horror Movies and Books

The Spork Theory

Annnnnnd so much more! Tell me what you would like to see and if it sparks an interest, it will be added! Use the contact form below.

Question # 1

I am curious, how many of you had a late adult diagnosis of ADHD or Autism? 

Question #2: 

What topics interest you the most"?

Question # 3

What is causing the most problems right now in your life? 

Let me know. Hit the contact us at the bottom. 

The Dopamine Diaries

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