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Book Review Apparition by Michaelbrent Collings

Apparition by Michealbrent Collings, One of the Scariest Books I've Read........

Book Review Apparition by Michaelbrent Collings

This is a book that will leave you with long, dark thoughts, long after you have closed the last page. It is dark, intense, disturbing, and one of the most horrific books I've read.

I read this one ten years ago...and it is still in my head.

Easily, Apparition is the most uncomfortable book I have ever read. There were times I considered not finishing it, but the writing is strong, the story line gripping, and I needed to know where this was going. I will warn you, this is not a story that is easy to read or easy to forget.

The prologues in front of each chapter gave the story the extra punch in the gut, the juxtaposition of truth and fiction creating the Gestalt of emotional turbulence that some parents face when dealing with their children.

Great story....will leave you thinking long after dark. And thank you Michael for the end note. That made the entire journey worth it.

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