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Building Strong Relationships




2 hours


About the Course

The leading cause of death, and has the same number of deaths as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.....any clue what it might be?

Loneliness. Feeling like you don't have a seat at the table, looking in through the window from the outside, and feeling 'other than', or 'less than' is killing us as a society.

How do we make connections? How do we create real change in ourselves, and what do we need to do, to move forward.

Notice, I did not say what do we need to change. Sure, some of us do need to reinforce good traits to override the negative, but the key to successful relationships is self-awareness, and dropping the mask.

Feel good about who you are, how you think and become YOU.

Your Instructor

I have spent the past 3 decades studying communication, trauma, resilience, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, communication and leadership. I teach for the federal government and have instructed on how to have difficult conversations. I have an advanced certification in human behavioural profiling, behavioural analysis, CBTm, mindfulness, and developed a program to effectively work with and release the effects of trauma.

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