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Build Mental Toughness




2 hours


About the Course

Building mental toughness is a must in today's world. So many changes and drastic life altering dynamics have thrown so many of us off our game.

Anxiety is the new baseline, people feel tired, defeated, exhausted, and just plain work out.

This will teach you simple, easy to use tools and techniques that will set you up for success. It is based on neuroscience and neuroscience change, which is just a fancy way of saying, we are going to walk through your brain and teach it a few new tricks.

Your Instructor

I have spent the past 3 decades studying communication, trauma, resilience, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, communication and leadership. I teach for the federal government and have instructed on how to have difficult conversations. I have an advanced certification in human behavioural profiling, behavioural analysis, CBTm, mindfulness, and developed a program to effectively work with and release the effects of trauma.

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